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Thanks for stopping by my blog.

This blog is dedicated to one of my greatest passions, Cooking. I have always loved to cook, especially trying out some unconventional recipes.

After moving to US, I thought this passion would fade out as cooking became a compulsion. But I was so wrong, the passion just grew more intense with every passing meal! Having new ingredients to try here, new places to eat and replicate the food at home and most of all, make Indian food the way we eat it in India kept me going.

This blog was started with a very simple intention: a clipboard for my recipes so that I can recreate them even after a very long time. I started with simple recipes and pictures in the kitchen, and slowly my husband also got interested and keen on my blog. Many of the good pictures on this blog are clicked by him, an avid photographer. He is my food taster, photographer and my best critic.

I hope the recipes in this blog are of interest to you. Do put your comments and feedback here, so I can improve my blog!


All work on this blog, 'Herbivore Cucina' is the original work of Smruti Shah. No part of the text or images may be used on any sort of digital or print media without the permission of the author.

Recipes or ideas from the blog may be used by others, provided sufficient credit is given to the author, i.e a link to the original work on Herbivore Cucina is included in the place where the recipe/idea is used.


  1. Hey Smruti..Love your blog and your recipes. In your Guacamole recipe, if you add a little lemon juice at the time of making it..it will intake its green colour. Make it fresh only.

  2. Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting!! I should try gauc again, using some more lemon juice and see how it turns out!!

  3. Love your recipes. Everything is inspiring. But the pages take too long to load. I don't have high speed internet. Please make compress pictures and put fewer in emails. I live in a rural area and my internet service is painful.

  4. Akeleven, thanks for your feedback. I am working on optimizing the pictures for slower internet. Till I finish doing that, enjoy the recipes. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  5. Somehow landed on ur instagram account and im ur fan now ... U make all the simple recipies so interesting .. Making me wanting to attempt them all .. And the description and pictures tempt me trust me on this ! Keep doing the good work .. Love

  6. Thanks Heena for stopping by and especially for leaving your thoughts here. I am glad you liked the recipes. Thanks again!

  7. I recently came across you on Instagram and while I am browsing your blog I am already in love with you! Will come back with what I love specifically on your blog. I just felt like writing something down for u :) Btw I am just an amateur at cooking and blogging and your blog is a great inspiration for me to keep it going and try out some of your quick and simple recipes :) Visit me at http://beingdhriti.blogspot.com/

  8. Hey Jaya thanks for that comment. I am indeed honored to have inspired someone in the blogging community, which I am also a newbie in :) I did go to your blog, and I see it has some nice recipes!! Keep cooking and posting!

  9. Hey great work dear.. Keep going..

  10. Hi Smriti! We met the other day at dinner with Nibha and Manthan. I didn't know it was you!! I have tried few of your recipes- and I must say they are amazing and pretty handy as well.. Keep up this awesome work :)


    1. Hey Himani! Thanks a lot for all those wonderful words. I am glad you have liked and tried my recipes :) Nibha and Manthan are truly great friends and encourage me a lot with cooking and my blog! Thanks a lot again, any feedback on any aspect of the blog is most welcome.

  11. hi! what is your contact information?

  12. You can reach out to me here: herbivorecucina@gmail.com