Friday, April 20, 2018

Blood Orange Iced Tea

Homemade Blood Orange syrup makes this Iced Tea full of flavor and super yum! Make yours while the fruit is still in season! 

The days are finally warming up! We are seeing glimpses of Spring around us. My patio garden is finally growing, the flowers are back and I can see the bees and hummingbirds around them! 

This year has been crazy cold and I have been waiting for the days to warm up since long. We saw Hail, rain and lots of wind here. Not really the best things to encounter while kids around are on Spring break!

This time of the year brings with it some yummy fruits that I love. BLOOD ORANGE is my favorite citrus, given its flavor and awesome color. Every time they are in season, I stock up a few dozens and enjoy them while they last. From being a great addition in baked delights to making cool drinks, I have used these in many recipes. 

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This time I wanted to combine Blood Oranges with my other favorite drink; Iced Tea. Back in India I used to enjoy iced teas at various restaurants. From lemon flavored and orange flavored to cherry and strawberry; I have had gallons of them! I wanted to make a similar recipe using Blood Oranges. Finally I got myself to make it.

A simple combination of strong black tea, blood orange juice, sugar and garnishes; this drink comes together in NO time! It can be made in advance and stored till ready to enjoy. It can be customized in various ways and made in any quantity from one glass to a gallon.

The last time I made this tea, I HAD to shoot it and post it here. Having planned for a couple of years, the season for the citrus runs out by the time I think I will shoot it. So this time I decided to shoot it the FIRST time I made it and the recipe is here just before the season is done for the year! So make sure you grab a few blood oranges and try this TODAY!

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Coming back to the recipe, here are a few variations you can make for the recipe. 


I know Blood Oranges only make an appearance for a short while. Plus they are not available everywhere. So use your favorite citrus for this recipe. Lemons, limes and oranges work well for this! 

If you like a strong version use 2 tea bags per glass of tea. If you like a lighter version, use 1. Plus, you can use green tea for the recipe too! Use your choice of sweetener from sugar, honey or maple syrup. 

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Blood Oranges 3 medium
Sugar 2 tbsp
Black Tea bags 4
Water 2 cups
Mint Leaves a few
Blood Orange slices 2-3
Ice as required


Juice the Blood oranges and keep ready. Refrigerate till required.

In a pan heat 1/2 cup water and mix in sugar. The amount of sugar can vary depending on how sweet the citrus are. Once hot, turn down the flame and add the tea bags.

Let the tea steep for a while. Remove the tea bags and discard. In the tea extract add the Blood Orange juice. Mix well.

In a glass add ice cubes. Add half the tea mixture and top with cold water. Mix well and serve with garnishing like mint leaves and Blood Orange slices.

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