Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sparkling Pumpkin Pie Mocktail

Packed with Fall flavors; this Pumpkin Pie Mocktail is delicious yet easy to make. Plus it needs only FIVE ingredients and under 5 minutes to bring together! 

Fall is going strong and we are looking forward to all the Holidays that are coming up! When it comes to celebrating Fall, the FIRST thing that comes to everyone's mind is Pumpkin. While making main dishes, desserts and appetizers using pumpkin is pretty easy, drinks is where I struggled not long ago.

Every year I would think I could whip up some pumpkin drinks; but never went beyond pumpkin smoothie or pumpkin soda. This year I started preparing for Fall a few months ago and made a superb Simple Syrup using Pumpkin. That is when I realized the potential of using pumpkin in beverages; both alcoholic and non alcoholic.

Plus I started writing for Target Made Me Do It, and my theme was Fall inspired drinks. So I quickly whipped up an awesome Peach and Pumpkin drink using a lot of ingredients from Target. 

This drink has quickly become a favorite recipe among us and our friends. I made this drink for a party and each of the guest wanted to know the recipe! It is not very often that people like recipes made from Pumpkin, but this was clearly different. 

The reason I would think this happened is because the distinct taste of Pumpkin did not overpower the taste of other ingredients in this drink. It was well balanced with everything else and turned out amazing! 

Here is a little interesting variation I used in this recipe: This drink does not use ice cubes. Instead of that I used frozen peach slices to cool the drink. As we sip the drink, the peaches thaw and make the drink cool. This works really well when you do not want your drink diluting quickly. 

Still wondering how to make the drink? Head straight to Target Made Me Do It and read it all: Sparkling Pumpkin Pie Mocktail.

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