Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A-Z dishes across Indian (Recap of Journey through the Cuisines)

The month long Mega Marathon of Journey through the Cuisines has come to an end. Such a wonderful month it was, filled with 26 recipes from all around the world! While some of my blogger pals explored a single cuisine all month, few of us chose a new cuisine each week. 

This was my first Marathon with these bloggers who are much senior to me in the blogging world. I had a few letters very very easy because I had about 230 recipes on my blog. I completely see how difficult it would be when you have over 1000 recipes and most of the dishes that fit the theme would already be on your blog! I had a few letters like X and H that felt difficult. But finally I managed it all, and in time. 

Here is a quick recap of the Marathon I had:

Week 1: Gujarati Cuisine

First Marathon and week 1. The combination felt intimidating, especially because it needed eight recipes, while the remaining were just six. To make things a little easy till I am used to the pattern, I chose a cuisine I was most comfortable with. Being a Gujarati, I know how to make a lot of dishes. Plus, my mom was my best guide, continuously coming up with options to cook from letters A through H.  

Gudpapdi | Sukhdi

Week 2: Maharashtrian Cuisine

After eight Gujarati dishes, I planned to make Maharashtrian dishes in the next week. While I was extremely sure of the dishes from letters I and K, I was super dicey about L and N. Finally, it all fell into place with recipes from the state that are very popular across the country. 

Week 3: Punjabi Cuisine

When one thinks of Punjabi cuisine, Paneer is probably the first thing that strikes and then it is Sarson Ka Saag. Exactly the reason why I chose Punjab for this week, it has P and S both! With that and Rajma set, I only had to worry about three dishes, and Onion, Quinoa and Tava made my job pretty simple!

Week 4: Tamil Nadu Cuisine

With the journey across West and North done in the last three weeks, I chose Tamil Nadu as my state for the last stretch of the Marathon. Fairly comfortable with the dishes I made, I also learnt a lot about how easily we mix dishes from the Southern states without knowing the origin. A very enriching experience it was to read and learn about the southern state.

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  1. Wonderful collection smruti. Loved all your bright clicks and props and your write ups.. Congrats on completing this.

  2. What a lovely recap Smruthi. I thoroughly enjoyed all the dishes you made for this marathon. Learnt a lot of new dishes and bookmarked quite a few to try out.
    I actually made the Lonavala fudge and my kids absolutely LOVED it. I wish I made more and clicked for the blog. But I'm sure I'll be making it again :-)

  3. Really enjoyed all of your recipes and also your presentation. Loved doing this marathon with you.

  4. Sounds like a delicious theme for the A to Z! If you ever want to try a down home Southern USA recipe, let me know. ;) I posted a little celebration piece for all of us A to Z Champions.
    Visit me at
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  5. Wonderful marathon...what a lovely collection you made Smruti. I totally enjoyed each post of yours..

  6. Beautiful recap with all cuisines standing out . Loved all your recipes and must say you have presented it beautifully. Awesome work.

  7. Such a fabulous collection of recipes from four states.Love each and every dish and you have presented them so well.Kudos to all your efforts.