Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Deconstructed Guac Grilled Cheese

Who doesn't like Guacamole? And who does not like Grilled Cheese? What if you could combine the two and make something yummy? That was the thought behind this grilled cheese sandwich! As most of you would know, April is the month of grilled cheese. To celebrate it, Rumiano Cheese sent me a couple of coupons to try their cheese. That is why I decided to make a family favorite recipe using the cheese. 

For those who do not know, Rumiano is California's oldest family owned cheese producer. They have a large variety of cheese to pick from. Also, they are celebrating the month of cheese with a grilled cheese contest on their website. Don't forget to link your best grilled cheese recipe in that space. Find more details here

Coming back to the cheese, I picked their Pepper Jack cheese from Whole Foods. They have a lot of stores selling their cheese and the complete list can be found on their website. My cheese came with green and red jalapenos and was really yummy. This cheese is Certified Organic, Kosher, American Humane Certified and Non-GMO Verified. We finished the entire block and now heading to try another variety of their organic cheese!

This recipe is a fairly simple one. All you need is avocado, a few vegetables of your choice and cheese of your choice! Then, the recipe comes together in under 10 minutes!! Just make yourself a couple of sandwiches and enjoy it on a picnic or party. Grilled cheese is a picnic favorite in most families. The reason is that the molten cheese holds everything in place and the sandwich will not fall apart in travelling. Also, because the sandwich has a lot of cheese, it easily becomes children's favorite sandwich. Sneak in vegetables that they do not generally eat and you can achieve your aim of feeding them those vegetables!


Avocado 1
Pink Onion 1 
Tomato 1
Cheese ( I used pepper jack)
Salt, Pepper, Lime Juice
Sliced Bread 


Make thin slices of avocado and season with salt, pepper and lime juice. Also, make thin slices of onion and tomato. Set aside.

Butter one side of two slices of bread and place them on a skillet with butter side down. Apply butter on the top. 

On one slice, place thinly sliced cheese. On the other bread place the thin slices of avocado, onion and tomato. Once the cheese melts, add that slice on the other and press with a spatula. 

Let the cheese melt and stick completely to the rest of the ingredients. Remove and enjoy warm.

**One or more products were sent to me complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions in this post are my own. 

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  1. Today is my fast for Navratri and you have tempted me big time...drooling here šŸ˜€