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Brussels Sprouts Stir Fry Sabzi

This combination of shaved Brussels Sprouts with Indian spices is easy to make and super yummy with roti or rice. 

It easily doubles up as a salad too!

Brussel Sprouts Stir Fry in bowl

Stir fries are a big part of Indian cooking. We stir fry so many vegetables, proteins and sometimes even salad!

These stir fries often have interesting ingredients like gram flour, ground peanuts, coconut etc. These bring out the flavor of the veggies SO well! 

Earlier on I was not a big fan of these stir fries, because I ate it too often at home and events.

After moving to the US I almost never saw these stir fries. And that is when I started craving them and started making them at home.

Ivy gourd with potatoes and gram flour, okra and onions with gram flour, eggplants with peanuts and so on.

Certain not so conventional combinations did come up and Brussels Sprouts is one of them.

There are so many recipes on making shaved Brussels. They have a lot of delicious add-ins making them great salads and stir fries. I decided to make an Indian inspired stir-fry using them. This one is a great side for rotis or rice! 

What are Brussels Sprouts?

A popular vegetable that looks like small cabbages, Brussels sprouts are delicious and pretty easy to cook.

A seasonal green that is available on the stalk or as individual small rounds, this vegetable is used for stir fries, appetizers or even main dishes. Learn more about these amazing sprouts here

It needs only a few minutes to cook and overcooking them gives them an unpleasant gray color and onion garlic kind of odor. 

They are SUPER popular as baked or air fried appetizers and I have used them to make a delicious Indian inspired stir-fry.

The flavors of Brussels is as is and it combines with Indian spices and roasted gram for some extra texture. 

This stir fry is great with rotis, parathas or rice. It is also a great salad. Salty, a hint of spice and sweetness and has all the good for you ingredients. I would totally dig right in with a fork! 

Brussel Sprouts Stir Fry in bowl

This Indian Inspired Brussels Sprouts Stir-Fry

  • is super quick and easy to make
  • makes a great side for rotis and rice
  • can be enjoyed as a salad 

  • can be made ahead as part of meal prep and reheated to serve
This dish is a combination of Gujarati classic sambharia and shaved Brussels sprouts salad. 

I like to make this as long as I can find brussels sprouts in my farmers market. It is nutritious, delicious yet super quick and easy to make.

So often I shave the brussels and powder dalia as part of meal prep. Then the recipe comes together in under 15 minutes for weeknight meals. 

If you are looking for a variation from the regular stir fries for your meal, this one is definitely worth trying.

Adding Indian spices and seasonings along with roasted chana dal gives an Indian flavor to the otherwise popular American shaved brussels. It does go really well with one another. 

I have made this as part of many lunches with friends and family in the past and they have all loved it. Finally the recipe makes it to the blog! 

Brussel Sprouts Stir Fry with roti

Other Brussels Sprouts recipes to try

If you LOVE Brussels Sprouts as much as our family does, you MUST try these:

Video Recipe

Ingredients to make this stir-fry 

Ingredients for Brussel Sprouts Stir Fry

Brussels Sprouts: These are obviously needed to make the recipe. Use big ones or small, the choice is yours. 

The Brussels can be shaved using a food processor (my favorite way) or using a madoline. It can even be cut into thin strips using a knife. 

Using any method, you need a heap of almost evenly sliced brussels.

Roasted Chana Dal: An essential ingredient to bind the brussels is dalia or roasted chana dal. Available at Indian stores and on Amazon, roasted chana dal is an easy way to make the recipe.

However, this can be replaced by chickpea flour. The flour needs to be dry roasted on medium heat before using. 

Spices: This stir fry needs only a handful of spices. The whole spice used here is cumin. Adding some sesame seeds or mustard seeds is an option too. 

I also added curry leaves and a dried red chili for taste and flavor. These can be added or skipped based on availability.

Seasoning: The common spices of Indian cooking are used in the recipe. Salt, sugar, turmeric powder, red chili powder, garam masala and dhania jeera powder are used. 

Red Chili powder can be substituted with green chili. Dhania jeera powder can be skipped. Turmeric powder and garam masala are good to have in the recipe for flavor and color. 

Oil: Any oil that you use in everyday cooking can be used here. I have used a blend of olive oil for the recipe. 

Step by Step Instructions to make 

Before starting, wash and pat dry the brussels sprouts. Shave them using a food processor with a thicker blade. Process dalia to a fine flour. 

1- Add oil in a pan and heat it.

2- Once the oil heats up, add cumin seeds, curry leaves and dried red chili. Wait for the cumin seeds to pop.

Stir Fried Brussels Sprouts steps

3- Add the shaved brussels and toss them to coat in oil. 

4- Add the spices and seasoning. Mix well.

 Stir Fried Brussels Sprouts steps

5- Let the brussels sprouts cook for 8-10 minutes. 

6- Once the sprouts soften, add powdered dalia (roasted chana dal), mix well and cook for 2-3 minutes.

Stir Fried Brussels Sprouts steps

7- Add lime juice and cilantro. Mix well.

Stir Fried Brussels Sprouts steps

8- Serve with roti and rice. 

Brussel Sprouts Stir Fry in thali

Tips and Notes

  • The recipe calls for dalia or roasted chana dal. In case you cannot find that, lightly roast besan (chickpea flour) and use it. 

  • Brussels sprouts come in various sizes. I used the small ones but the bigger ones work equally well after they are shaved. Store bought shaved brussels work for the recipe too.

  • If using super tiny brussels sprouts, the recipe can be made with halved sprouts too. 

  • The same recipe works for chopped asparagus and diced peppers too. It is equally delicious with okra. 

Brussel Sprouts Stir Fry in bowl

Thursday, January 20, 2022

How to make Chili Oil

 Super flavorful, delicious and easy to make; this Chili Oil is PERFECT with potstickers or over noodles. 

Full of chili flakes and garlic this condiment is a MUST-HAVE for Asian food lovers!

Chili Oil in bowl

Chili oil is such a flavorful condiment of Asian cuisine. Flavored with various add-ins, it is a staple for so many homes. 

Looking at the ingredients it does look intriguing to make at home, but trust me; once you try this version you will ALWAYS make it at home. 

This oil is handy if you are enjoying dumplings or bao at home (hello Trader Joe's!). The dumplings with this chili oil can easily bring home the same experience you would have at a Chinese restaurant! 

For the longest time we have been BIG fans of dumplings. Whether we make them at home or enjoy the store bought ones, they are ALWAYS served with Chili Oil. 

I confess to buying so many different brands of Chili Oil before I started making my own. But ever since I started making it, there is no looking back!

What is Chili Oil?

An Asian condiment that is a staple in Asian households, Chili Oil is now a popular recipe in so many places.

The glass jar filled with red colored oil with chili flakes and garlic at dumpling houses and so many Asian restaurants is essentially Chili oil. They all taste similar but not the same. 

Every Asian restaurant will have their recipe and list of ingredients that go into it. Similarly, we have a version. that we enjoy the best and it is this one. 

It may be similar to the ones you have tried before or different; but it is definitely super flavorful and delicious.

It is a five minute recipe that needs just a few ingredients and results in a bright colored oil with all the flavorful add-ins. 

Chili Oil in glass bottle

This Chili Oil

  • is super quick to make from scratch.

  • needs only a handful of ingredients.

  • is a great condiment to have with noodles, rice or dumplings.

  • can be made in a big batch or small batch as you like.
This oil has been a favorite in our household for a long time. Whenever we are having Asian dishes like steamed buns, dumplings or potstickers it is definitely on the table.

With it's bold flavors, bright color and taste it has found it's way over so many of our Indian dishes too. 

Whether it is a flatbread like paratha or fried rice or dal of some kind, a little bit of this flavorful oil makes it EVEN more delicious. 

This condiment is just like so many other Asian condiments; a small spoon of it takes the dish to a whole new level. 

Chili Oil in glass container

Video Recipe 


Ingredients to make Chili Oil

Gochugaru Flakes: The key ingredient here is Gochugaru. These Korean style red chili pepper is super spicy and full of flavor. 

I like to use a tsp in 3/4 cup oil for the spicy flavor. The amount can be reduced if you like the oil to be less spicy.

Chili Flakes: The flavor and the color in the oil comes from these flakes. They can be added in more amount or less based on how you like your oil.

These are milder than Gochugaru and help balance the flakes. 

Garlic: Most Asian recipes become EVEN better with some garlic in them. This oil becomes flavorful with the garlic that cooks in the hot oil. 

I like to add it and love the flavor it imparts. However, it can be skipped too. 

Salt and Sugar: Salt is necessary to bring out the flavors from the spices. 

The sugar gives the oil a hint of sweetness but does not make it sweet at all. I would recommend not skipping these at all.

Oil: Hot oil is required for the spices to flash cook. Any oil works for the recipe. 

I use a 1:1 mix of light Olive Oil and Sesame Oil. Only sesame oil is way too strong for us to enjoy. 

This combination or Vegetable oil will work. Often people use grape seed, avocado, soy bean, canola or canola oil.

A lot of spices like bay leaves, cinnamon, star anise are often used in this oil. Also onion, green onions, ginger can be used. Fresh red chilis are sometimes used too.

Chili Oil ingredients

Step by Step Instructions to make Chili Oil

1- Add chili flakes, gochugaru, salt, sugar and minced garlic in a heat proof bowl.

Chili Oil Method

2- Heat the oil you are using over medium flame till it is hot (350-370F). 

3- Pour the oil over the prepared spices and mix well to distribute the oil in the aromatics. 

Chili Oil steps

4- Wait for the oil to cool and transfer to a bottle. 

5- Enjoy as you like. The chili oil can be stored at room temperature for 2 weeks and refrigerated for 5-6 months.

Chili Oil in glass bottle

Tips and Notes

  • Make sure the oil is super hot. If the oil is not hot enough, the spices will not cook in it.

  • Use a heat proof bowl to make the oil. 

  • Using a higher proportion of chili flakes to gochugaru will yield a milder flavor oil.

  • Sichuan peppers can be used in place of gochugaru flakes for a spicy numbing flavor.

Chili Oil in bowl with bao