Sunday, November 5, 2017

Roasted Pumpkin Apple Soup

A Vegan friendly soup full of Pumpkin and Apples. You definitely need this delicious soup through the cold Fall and Winter! 

Soups are such a great way to get vegetables onto the table. Plus, they make perfect meals through Fall and Winter. And when a soup recipe like this comes up, you cannot ask for more! Wondering why? This recipe is one of the simplest soups I make at home. The recipe involves only three steps; roast, boil and enjoy! No major add-ins, no cream and certainly no exotic ingredients!

Pumpkin Soup is a popular Fall Soup. But just pumpkin tends to get bland sometimes. What if you can take it a notch higher by a simple addition? Yes, you need this recipe if you are a Fall soup fanatic like me! Whenever I am making a soup at home, I like to add-in stuff that I find in my refrigerator. A couple of years ago I added a couple of pieces of apples from the refrigerator to my squash soup. Since then, this recipe has been a family favorite and I add the apple on purpose now!

At first one thinks why apple in soup! But once you have had a soup with roasted apple, you know exactly why! The apple gives the soup a distinct flavor, freshness and sweetness. It also helps mask the flavor of pumpkin for those who do not like it. And last, it is PERFECT for anything fall!

This soup is perfect for dinner and makes a great recipe to freeze as well. Just dump all the ingredients onto a tray and roast them; puree it and boil with some spices. Freeze the whole thing or serve with a side of bread immediately. We enjoyed it with some dried apple slices and pumpkin seeds for taste and texture. They make awesome toppings for the otherwise smooth soup.

How to make Roasted Pumpkin Apple Soup? 

If you are still wondering how to make this yummy soup, think no further; head straight to THIS recipe to get it all! 

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