Thursday, September 28, 2017

FIVE Yummy yet Easy Fall Desserts plus a chance to WIN!

This post is in partnership with Cost Plus World Market. All opinions are mine alone. All images are used with permission from Cost Plus World Market

All you need to whip up some AMAZINGGGG Fall desserts, plus an awesome contest to win gift cards totalling a whooping $4500!

It is Fall and we are quickly inching towards the Holiday season. Plus, it is time for colorful trees, beautiful views and cozy evenings. We love Fall and all things associated with the season, especially the evenings where we get together and enjoy some warm soup, a hearty meal and some delicious desserts.

When I discuss this with my friends, they often point out how easy it is for me as a blogger to whip up unique desserts with confidence that it will turn out well. A part of that is attributed to the fact that I do bake a lot and part that they sometimes praise me even for a strictly okay dessert :) 

That said, I would say it is not very taxing to make Fall special desserts for your family and friends if you make just ONE trip to your local Cost Plus World Market. I recently walked into the Mountain View, CA store and was amazed at the collection they have for Fall. Find your closest store here. From Thanksgiving Entertaining and Food to Halloween Decoration and Entertaining; they have it ALL!! 

I foresee this Holiday season as a super busy one for our family. We have multiple trips coming up, loads of parties and a ton of get togethers. Plus I have a lot going on for the blog as well. So I wanted some simple desserts that I could make for my guests and boy, look what I found! From Pumpkin Brownie Mix and Cranberry Scones to Panettone and Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Cupcakes, they have all the mixes. Besides, I picked up my all time favorite Classic Crème Brûlée too! 

Just getting the mixes does not solve the dessert problem right? You need the right pans, trays and blending devices too. And I have great news, these are available in the Cost Plus World Market stores as well! Wondering what I love? Here are my favorites: Aqua Scone Pan for my Cranberry Scones, Gold Non Stick Baking tray for Pumpkin Brownies, Gold Textured Muffin pan that are perfect for Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Cupcakes and the not to miss Ceramic Ramekins for the Classic Crème Brûlée.  Plus, I got a Copper Whisk and a White Spatula to help me do the task right! 

Now we have everything for making the desserts; the boxes of unique desserts that can be whipped up in a jiffy and the required tools and bakeware. If we are making such wonderful desserts, we MUST serve them in something that is super classy and makes the desserts look even more beautiful right? For that, there is these: Cherry Blossom PlatesTwig Cutlery, Buffet NapkinsGold and Marble Cake Pedestals or White Porcelain Cake Stand

With all these in your kitchen, I bet you will have a great Holiday season and surprise your friends and family with some wonderful desserts! Looking for more? Yes there is something in store for you!! Read on! 

Bonus for Herbivore Cucina Fans!!
Cost Plus World Market in association with Quikly is giving away gift cards and coupons to the store. Wondering what Quikly is? This is a marketing platform that rewards people who act QUICKLY. Sign up HERE to opt into the campaign.

Cost Plus World Market is celebrating the season by giving away $4,500 worth of World Market gift cards. Sign up HERE and share the campaign with friends and family. If they opt in, we'll send you an early notification letting you know when the 67 gift cards and special offers will go up for grabs so you can be ready to act fast.

So set your alarms, ask your spouse and kids to remind you or mark your calendars. Do all you need to remember when to log in and get your share of $4500!  The FASTEST 2 people will get a $500 Cost Plus World Market GC, 3rd-7th FASTEST will get a $250 Cost Plus World Market GC, the 8th-17th FASTEST will get a $100 Cost Plus World Market GC and 18th-67th FASTEST will get a $25 Cost Plus World Market GC.

Yes, that will be an awesome treat to you and your family. Don't forget to sign in HERE. Get all you need from the store and have a great Fall!

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