Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Forest Sundae

Blogging Marathon #70 Week 3 Day 2
Theme: Shot glass Desserts
Dish: Black Forest Sundae

Taking a cue from the classic Black Forest Cake, this shot glass dessert is all you need to wow your guests this Holiday season!

Who doesn't like Black Forest cake? Those layers of cream between rich chocolate cake? And the tart and sweet cherries on top? The combination that was once the most popular is slowly losing ground to the more innovative flavors and modern decorations. However, for the vast majority of people, Black Forest still remains a personal favorite. 

I have had these mini glasses of black forest cake sundae on my mind for a long time. So when Valli chose the theme for this month as shot glass desserts, I simply HAD to make this one. Crumbled chocolate cake interleaved with vanilla flavored cream and finally topped with a cherry. This dessert is all you need to wow your guests this holiday season or enforce portion control on your family! Because when it comes to cake, portions go totally haywire. I devised a recipe for a Cake for Two sometime back and now I made this dessert. So much to do just to keep the portion size in check!

Coming to the recipe, I made this one in a jiffy just before I left for my vacation a couple of weeks ago. I made a few of these yummy chocolate cupcakes for a party and had a couple leftover. Plus, I always have whipping cream in my refrigerator. You never know when you might need something amazing, right? So all that came together and I had these cups ready in no time. Unfortunately the light was not great the day I shot these. Hopefully I shall make more of them and grab better pictures once I am back home. 

While I made the cake from scratch for this recipe. However, if you have any store bought chocolate cake, you can use that. I flavored my cream with just vanilla. But adding some of the liquid from the cherry bottle also gives the whole thing a great taste and flavor. I made the layers more or less even but if you like either cake or cream more than the other, you may choose to change the proportions. Adding the cherry on top is optional but highly recommended. And the chocolate shavings give the dessert the authentic black forest feel! All together this dessert is totally yummy and addictive. It was difficult to stop at one glass the day I made these!!


Chocolate Cake 1 small
Whipping Cream 1/2 cup
Vanilla Extract 1 tsp
Sugar 2 tsp
Maraschino Cherries a handful
Chocolate chips or shavings a few


Make the chocolate cake as per this recipe. Crumble it and set aside. Whip the cream with vanilla extract and sugar till it has firm peaks. Set aside. Chop a few cherries to small pieces and keep ready.

To assemble the dessert, take three or four small glasses. Add some cake to the glass, then whipped cream. Add some chopped cherries and then add the cake and cream. Top with chocolate chips or chocolate shavings. Add a cherry on top and serve. 


  1. These mini shot glass black forest cake looks like a delightful treat for chocolate lovers. Love it so much..

  2. Those are some amazing shots (pun not intended :))

  3. That sundae looks absolutely delicious.

  4. Mindblowing sundae, how irresistible they are, so tempting.

  5. Black forest sundae looks very tempting. Please check the size of 4th picture, it is going out of the screen.