Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Vegetable and Cheese Grilled Sandwich

When in Mumbai, you cannot miss eating the Grilled Sandwich. Made in a HUGE triangular bread and stuffed with vegetables, cheese and chutney, this sandwich can easily be a meal for one, or sometimes even two. This sandwich is really famous across the city but my favorite is Swastik Sandwich (now Sandwizzaa) in Santa Cruz. Not only is the sandwich yummy, the way the two men make it is really interesting too! 

One guy applies butter and chutney to stacks of breads and arranges the vegetables on it, while the other finishes off the grilling, applying butter all over! They serve it with a couple of chutneys and tomato ketchup. This sandwich and a bottle of coke is perfect a meal. Here is a picture of the original.

For those who are not from the city, if you are wondering how I know the details of the process here is an insight on it. I have never been to their kitchen because they do not have one! All this preparation happens in the stall by the corner of the street and anyone standing in queue to get their sandwich cannot help but look in delight at all the various steps that go into the sandwich! After moving to the US I never found anything like the sandwich from Mumbai. The regular sandwiches can be made at home using bread, but no one has this triangular bread here. 

Last year when I learned that Shital from Shital's Kitchen got the triangular mold made from India, I just loved the idea! Check her recipe here. On my last trip, I was hell bent on getting the mold made. I visited the small shops that mold aluminium and asked them if they could make something like that. They only needed the measurements and it would be done. Based on my conversation with Shital and estimation, I got the mold made. Mine is 8 inches x 8 inches x 9 inches and 6 inches deep. I chose not to make a base and use a foil to make a base when I need to bake. The guys there made the mold perfectly and I could not wait to use it! 

To make the grilled sandwich I use this bread. It makes really good club sandwiches as well. To make the loaf, I used the basic white bread recipe. Sometimes I even use whole wheat flour to get a healthier bread (does not remain as healthy given the cheese and butter)! Based on the proportions, I generally get about 12 slices of medium thickness. Once the bread is made, the sandwich is really quick. Butter, chutney, vegetables and cheese go into it. The sandwich is grilled in a Panini Press and it feels like Mumbai all over again!


For the Bread
All purpose Flour 3 cups
Active dry yeast 1 sachet (2 1/4 tsp)
Unsalted Butter 3 tbsp
Salt  2 tsp
Sugar 1 tsp
Water 1- 1 1/4 cup

For the Sandwich (Inspired from here)
Cilantro Chutney as required
Cucumber 1 medium
Tomato 2 medium
Onion 1 medium
Green Pepper 1 medium
Boiled Potato 1 medium
Amul Butter, Cheese 
Sandwich Masala


For the Bread

Heat the water with 1 tsp salt and sugar. When it is at 110 F (just warm) add the yeast, mix well and rest covered for ten minutes or till the yeast blooms.

In a large mixing bowl, sift flour and remaining salt. Add bloomed yeast mixture and softened unsalted butter. Using a stand mixer or with your hands, mix it all together till you get a smooth soft dough. It took me about 15 minutes to make a really smooth dough. Brush with butter/ oil and keep the dough covered in a warm place. Let the dough rise for an hour. 

While the dough doubles, line the triangle mold with oil or butter. Cut the parchment paper to fit inside the mold perfectly. Also, line the bottom with foil and rest with base down on a baking tray. 

Once the dough doubles, punch it down and knead for a few minutes to a smooth ball. Then, lay the ball in the bread mold and spread it evenly on the base. Brush the top with oil/ butter and let the dough rise for another hour or so. 

Towards the end of the hour, preheat oven to 400 F/ 210 C. Place the bread in the oven and bake for 15-18 minutes. Once the tops are light brown in color, remove and transfer to a cooling rack. Let the bread cool completely (3-4 hours) before slicing. If you attempt it before it is cool, it is difficult to get smooth slices. Once cool, slice the bread into thin or thick slices as you like. You should get between 11-13 medium slices from the proportions. 

To make the Sandwiches

Making the sandwich is really easy. Start by slicing all the vegetables and making the cilantro chutney as per this recipe

Apply butter and chutney to a slice. Lay flat. Place cucumber slices and tomato slices. Sprinkle sandwich masala. Using another slice, apply butter and chutney and place it on the earlier slice. Apply butter and chutney on the top side. 

Now place the potato slices, onion slices and green pepper slices. Sprinkle sandwich masala and grate cheese to cover the top of the vegetables. Place the last slice with butter and chutney.

Heat the panini press and toast the sandwich with butter. Slice and serve with cilantro chutney, red chutney and tomato ketchup. For the recipes of the chutneys, refer this recipe.  


  1. I do live in mumbai but very curious to know where u got the mould made, Smruti ! Great idea :)) ping me offline with d details ! And the sandwiches look picture-mumbai-perfect :)) well done

    1. hi Smruti, Awesome bake pan. Can you let me know where you got this done.

  2. Hi Smruti,
    I'm interested in having a similar mold made when I visit Mumbai next month. Can you please tell me if the mold is open on both ends or is it sealed at one end? Also, if you can let me know the place where you got it made from?
    Thank you