Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lemon Pepper Spaghetti Squash

How often do you crave for pasta, but do not want to pile on the excessive calories that comes with it? It happens so often in our family! Spaghetti is one of the favorites in the house, topped with either marinara sauce or creamy alfredo sauce. But we try to avoid all the calories, and so always looking for healthy alternatives. Either it leads us to whole wheat or quinoa pasta or to substituting the creamy sauces for an avocado sauce. Our latest discovery is to substitute the pasta with this spaghetti squash. Long strands of spaghetti that is vegan and gluten free and totally low on calories. 

When I heard of this amazing squash, I wanted to try it out. There are multiple ways to cook the squash, baking it for 40-50 minutes, or cooking the squash in a microwave for fifteen minutes or boiling the strands after removing them from the squash.

I made spaghetti squash for the first time and the result was awesome. I was super happy with the result. I am surely going to make many other dishes from this squash. Lemon Pepper squash is the first and the simplest of the lot. All you need to do is cook the squash to remove the strands. Then season with olive oils, salt pepper and lime juice. The result is a bowl full of goodness! We cooked one medium squash and each half served as a dinner bowl for the two of us. We simply loved this flour free pasta with a zing of lime. If you like, you can add any traditional sauce like marinara or alfredo on top or even make a mexican bowl in the squash. 

Spaghetti squash 1
Olive oil 3 tbsp
Salt, black pepper powder
Sea Salt 1 tsp
Lemon wedge 1


Cooking the Squash 

First wash and place the squash in a oven proof deep plate. Poke a few holes using a fork and transfer the tray to the microwave. Cook for 5 minutes on high and then remove the squash.This helps to soften the squash and makes it easy to cut it. Now cut the squash into two parts lengthwise and remove all the slimy material and seeds. The seeds can be roasted and used separately. 

Now sprinkle salt, pepper and olive oil on the inside of the squash. Turn them over and place them face down in the baking dish. Pour 1/4 cup water on the sides.  

Now the squash can either be baked for 30-40 minutes in an oven or microwave for 10-12 minutes. While the flavor is more intense when baked, microwave works when pressed for time. Cook the pieces either way and using a fork, remove all the noodle strands. The flesh can be used till you reach the thick skin.

To make the lemon pepper squash

Now, sprinkle some sea salt and crushed black pepper. Add some more olive oil and mix everything well. Sprinkle cilantro and add a dash of lime juice. Serve with a side of your favorite dip or sauce. The squash tastes great even without any side. 

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