Friday, March 13, 2015

Quinoa Sabudana Khichdi

Quinoa; pronounced as KEEN-wah, is pretty 'keen' on being the replacement to many grains in my kitchen! First it took the place of rice in Quinoa Fried Rice and today it has replaced Sabudana too. Quinoa is rightly named as 'Super Food'. It is packed with protein, fibre and mineral; but does not have any gluten. If you would like to read more about this power grain, look here

The earthy flavor of Quinoa is a powerful one in itself, but is further enhanced by Indian spices. It blends so well with our spices, that it can easily by a replacement for many of our traditional recipes. I have a couple more ideas of quinoa instead of traditional grains like rice in mind, but until then enjoy this mock Sabudana Khichdi. 

Sabudana Khichdi has been on my must-have list since childhood. I am often awed by the variations that my family members make of it. My grand mother used to make it with red chili powder, my aunt gave it a Maharashtrian twist and my mom makes it just like her mom taught her; white pearls with green masalas. My mother has also taken a step forward by using the microwave to make it in a jiffy, and now it is my turn to revolutionize the humble Sago pearls by eliminating them completely from the dish! I still enjoy the traditional Khichdi as much as I did since my childhood, but this is a great variation to get the same sweet, tangy and spicy flavor, but not using tapioca at all.  

Quinoa 1 cup, uncooked
Water 1 1/2 cup
Whole Peanuts 2 tbsp
Boiled Potato 1 cup diced
Crushed peanuts 4 tbsp
Ginger, Green Chili paste 3 tbsp
Curry leaves, Green Chili
Cumin seeds
Salt, Sugar, Lime Juice

Preparing the quinoa
Rinse quinoa thoroughly with water. Cook with 1 1/2 cup water and a pinch of salt and once cool, fluff them with a fork. For the complete process on how to cook quinoa perfectly, click here.

Preparing the Khichdi
In a skillet saute peanuts in about 2 tbsp oil. Once they are brown, add cumin seeds, curry leaves and slit green chili. Now add the ginger chili paste and boiled potatoes and mix well. Let it cook for a couple of minutes, then toss in the quinoa, crushed peanuts, salt, sugar and lime juice. Mix well and cook for about five to six minutes on medium flame. Stir the Khichdi after every two minutes to ensure it does not stick to the base.

After about five-six minutes check for salt and lime and add more if required. Garnish with cilantro and serve as a breakfast, snack or even dinner.

If you would like to try similar Quinoa dishes, try this Vegetable Quinoa Fried Rice.

If you would like the traditional recipes, try this  Sabudana Khichdi and Non-fried Sabudana Vadas.

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