Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How to make perfect Moong Sprouts

So often we need Sprouts in our cooking and we end up buying the sprouts from the store. However, it is super simple to make perfectly sprouted moong beans at home too!! This way we can ensure the quality of the beans, the water used and have them fresh when we need them. 

After several failed attempts in sprouting Moong where sometimes the seeds start smelling or often half of the moong sprout and the others fail; I have this fool proof method to sprout them evenly. It is fairly simple to do this, even in winter!!

All you need is a cup of good quality Moong beans, water, Kitchen towel and a salad spinner. The salad spinner I use a pretty simple gadget from Ikea. This is where I got it from: Ikea Salad Spinner

Wash the Moong beans thoroughly and soak them in 1 1/2 cup of warm water. Using cold water often leads to failed sprouting of some beans! Let them soak overnight. 

The next day, drain all the water. At the bottom of the salad spinner, keep a folded kitchen napkin. Lay the Plastic net basket and spread the beans on it. Place another Kitchen napkin on it and close the spinner. Let the spinner rest for 12-14 hours in a warm dry place.

After 12 hours, open and mix the moong beans. Cover again and let it stay for another 12 hours. Post that the sprouts should be ready. You may keep for an hour or two more or less, depending on the weather and temperature in your house. The sprouts are ready to go into any dish you like!! Have them fresh or store them in an air tight container with kitchen napkin below and on top to ensure they do not get soggy!!

Enjoy Perfect Sprouts everytime!!

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